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  • Dashboard: The Dashboard can be accessed at any time through the top menu. This is where you conveniently find everything you are enrolled in, course progress, as well as other courses that are available.
  • My Profile: If you would like to change your profile image, click on My Profile in the top menu, then click on “Edit Profile” under the photo. In this section, you can also find the courses you are enrolled in, their status, and print the certificate by clicking on the respective course.
  • My Account: If you would like to change your password or other account details, you can do so in this section. It is located in the top menu, under My Profile.
  • Course Modules: Access the various Modules and Units in the “Course Navigation” on the left at any time during the course (go to your  Dashboard and click on any of the courses you are enroled in).
  • Progress: Once you have started your course, a Progress Bar will be displayed underneath the Course Navigation on the left.
  • Progression: To maximise your learning outcomes, we encourage you to work through the units in the order we presented them to you. The button “Next Unit” at the bottom makes it easy for you to go through the course, step by step.
  • Certificate: The course certificate will be available for printing from the course page after successful completion of all course content, or alternatively under “My Profile”.
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